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Skyhigh Security

Back Panel and Port Assignments

The WBG-5000-D and WBG-5500-D appliance models use the same hardware platform, which has six network interfaces, a serial interface, and an RMM interface on its back panel.

The network interfaces include two onboard interfaces, two interfaces on a built-in IO module on the lower right, and two on a network interface card that is preinstalled in a card slot on the upper right.

Four more network interfaces can be added on a network interface card that is installed in the other card slot on the panel. This will increase the number of network interfaces to ten. You must purchase this card on your own and install it.


The network interfaces provide ports, which the operating system assigns names to as follows:

Position Interface Name assigned to port on interface
1 Network interface 1 eth0
2 Network interface 2 eth1
3 Serial  


For operating the Remote Management Module (RMM) with Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

5 Network interface 3 eth2
6 Network interface 4 eth3
7 Network interface 5 eth5
8 Network interface 6 eth4


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