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Skyhigh Security

Syslog Settings

The Syslog settings are used for configuring the writing of log entries in syslog.

Syslog Settings

Settings for writing syslog entries.

Option Definition
Buffer size

Sets the maximum buffer size (number of log entries) for storing log entries in syslog.

Log messages are written to this log by the Syslog event.

The default maximum buffer size is 50000.

Log prefix

Specifies the prefix that is added to log entries in syslog.

Configuring different prefixes for syslog entries might be useful when running multiple Web Gateway appliances as nodes in a Central Management cluster or when running appliances for performing different functions.

These functions can be, for example, URL filtering or taking the role of an ICAP Server.

Using a prefix then enable you to distinguish between different kinds of entries, especially when they are written to a central log management instance.

The default prefix is mwg.

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