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How Secure Web Gateway Works

To protect your network against threats arising from the web, Web Gateway filters the traffic that goes out and comes in.

Based on the implemented web security rules, Web Gateway filters the requests that users send to the web from within your network, as well as the responses that are sent back from the web. Embedded objects sent with requests or responses are also filtered.

As a result of the filtering process, requests, responses, and embedded objects, are allowed or blocked.

The following picture illustrates the workflow. It includes these elements:

  1. Requests are sent from your network to the web.
  2. Web Gateway filters requests and responses.
  3. Responses are sent from the web to your network.


To perform the filtering process, Web Gateway uses a rule engine and several filter engines or modules, for example, the Anti-Malware module or the URL Filter module. These modules complete particular jobs when requests and responses are processed based on the implemented web security rules.

You can configure the web security rules and the behavior of the filter modules to adapt them to the requirements of your organization.

The filtering process also relies on the operating system of Web Gateway, which is Skyhigh Security Linux Operating System, version 3 (MLOS 3).

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