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Remove the Report Server from Trellix ePO

To uninstall Content Security Reporter, you must remove the Content Security Reporter server from Trellix ePO.

Remove the report server from Trellix ePO

To uninstall Content Security Reporter, you must remove the Content Security Reporter report server from Trellix ePO.


  1. Select Menu > Configuration > Registered Servers.
  2. Click Report Server, and select your configured server.
  3. From the Action drop-down list, and select Delete.
    The configured report server is removed from the Registered Servers list.

Remove the extensions

To completely uninstall Content Security Reporter, you must remove the Content Security Reporter extensions from Trellix ePO.

NOTE: The Catalog Framework and Core catalog extensions are installed with Content Security Reporter, but might be in use by other products. You can choose to remove these extensions from Trellix > Common Catalog.


  1. From Trellix ePO, select Menu > Extensions.
  2. Select Reporting, then remove the Skyhigh Content Security Reporter extension.
  3. Select Shared Components, then remove these extensions:
  • Analytics
  • Common Catalog Plugin

Remove the software

To remove Content Security Reporter, you must uninstall the Content Security Reporter report server software from the system where the Content Security Reporter files are installed.

Before you begin

Make sure you have administrator rights to remove Content Security Reporter.


  1. In the Microsoft Windows Control Panel, select Programs and Features.

    NOTE: You don't need to log off Trellix ePO to remove the Content Security Reporter software.

  2. Select Content Security Reporter , and click Uninstall.
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