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Skyhigh Security

IFP Proxy Settings

Settings for running a proxy on an appliance under the IFP protocol

This protocol is used for transferring web pages.

Option Definition
Enable IFP proxy

When selected, a proxy is run on an appliance under the IFP protocol.

IFP port definition list

Provides a list for entering the ports on an appliance that listen to client requests for the IFP proxy.

Maximum number of concurrent IFP requests allowed

Limits the number of IFP requests that are processed at the same time to the specified value.

You can use this setting to prevent overloading the IFP proxy.


The following table describes an entry in the IFP port definition list.

Option Definition
Listener address

Specifies the IP address and port number for a port that listens for IFP requests.

Send error message as redirect

When set to true, a user who sent a request is informed, for example, about a blocking of the request, by redirecting the request to an error message page.

Otherwise the relevant information is sent as a normal message under the IFP protocol.


Provides a plain-text comment on a port that listens to IFP requests.


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