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Skyhigh Security

File System Logging Settings

The File System Logging settings are used for configuring the rotation, deletion, and pushing of log files that are maintained by logging rules.

File System Logging Settings

Settings for the log that stores rule-maintained log files.

Option Definition
Name of the log Specifies the name of a log.
Enable log buffering

When selected, the log is buffered.

The buffer interval is 30 seconds.

Enable header writing When selected, the header below is added to all log files.
Log header Specifies a header for all log files.
Encrypt the log file When selected, log files are stored encrypted.
First password, Repeat password Sets a password for access to encrypted log files.
[Optional] Second password, Repeat password Sets a second password for access to encrypted log files.

Settings for Rotation, Deletion, and Pushing

Settings for log file management.

The settings for rotating, deleting, and pushing rule-maintained log files include the same options and are configured in the same way as the corresponding settings for module-maintained log files, which are configured as part of the Log File Manager settings.

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