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Skyhigh Security

Rule Set Libraries

The built-in and online libraries provide rule sets for importing into your rule set system.

You can import a rule set, for example, to add a function that is missing in your system or when the default rule sets do not suit your network.

  • The built-in rule set library also contains the rule sets that are part of the default rule set system.
  • More rule sets are available from an online rule set library. A link to this library is provided in the window of the standard rule set library.

In the built-in rule set library, rule sets are grouped in categories, for example, authentication or URL filtering.
The following table shows these categories.

Rule set category Includes rule sets for
Application Control Filtering applications and individual functions of applications
Authentication Authenticating users
Coaching/Quota Imposing quotas and other restrictions on the web access of users
Cloud Services Implementing single sign-on access to cloud applications
Common Rules Supporting the filtering process, for example, by web caching, progress indication, or
opening of archives
DLP Implementing data loss prevention
ePO Enabling use of the ePolicy Orchestrator
Error Handling Implementing error handling measures
Gateway Anti-Malware Filtering web objects for infections by viruses and other malware
HTML/Script Filter Filtering HTML pages and scripts
ICAP Client Running an ICAP client on an appliance
Logging Logging filtering and other activities
Media Type Filter Filtering particular types of media
Mobile Security Filtering mobile traffic
Next Hop Proxy Using next-hop proxies for data transfer
Privacy Modifying requests to ensure privacy
SiteAdvisor Enterprise Using the SiteAdvisor for filtering request
SSL Scanner Handling SSL-secured web traffic
Troubleshooting Performing troubleshooting measures
URL Filter Filtering individual URLs and URL categories
Web Hybrid Enabling synchronization with Skyhigh Security Web Security Gateway Service
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