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Skyhigh Security

Add a Wildcard Expression to a Global Allow List for URLs

You can add a wildcard expression to a whitelist used by a global whitelisting rule.

  1. Select Policy | Rule Sets.
  2. On the rule sets tree, select a rule set that contains rules for global whitelisting, for example Global Whitelist.
    The rules appear on the settings pane.
  3. Find the rule that uses a whitelist to exempt requests when they submit URLs for hosts matching the wildcard expressions on the list, for example, URL.Host matches in list Global Whitelist and click on the list name.

    NOTE: A yellow triangle next to the list name means the list is initially empty and you need to fill the entries.

    The Edit List (Wildcard Expression) window opens.
  4. Click Add.
    The Add Wildcard Expression window opens.
  5. In the Wildcard expression field, type a wildcard expression.
    To add multiple wildcard expressions at once, click Add multiple and type every wildcard expression in a new line.
  6. [Optional] In the Comment field, type a comment on the wildcard expression.
  7. Click OK.
    The window closes and the wildcard expression appears on the whitelist.
  8. Click Save Changes.
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