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About HTTPS Scanning

HTTPS scanning ensures that SSL-secured web traffic can be processed on Secure Web Gateway and made available to other filtering functions. This scanning mode is also known as SSL scanning.

The HTTPS or SSL scanning process includes several elements, which contribute to it in different ways. After the initial setup, you can modify or extend this process or create your own process.

The following configuration items are available for working on this process:

  • HTTPS Scanning rule set — Default rule set for HTTPS scanning

    This rule set is part of the default rule set system, but it is not enabled by default. You can enable this rule set and also modify it to make it suit your requirements. You can also extend the HTTPS scanning process or create your own process.

    For more information about this rule set, see Rule sets. This information is currently provided in PDF format. Under Contents on the second page of the PDF file, click SSL Scanner rule set to view it. In this document, the rule set still appears under its old name.
  • SSL Scanner settings — Default settings for the SSL Scanner module, which handles important parts of the HTTP scanning process, such as certificate verification and content inspection.

    More settings for modules that handle certificates used in SSL-secured traffic are available.

For on overview of configuration activities you can complete to modify the HTTPS scanning process, see Configure HTTPS Scanning.


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