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Skyhigh Security

About Secure Web Gateway Data Usage

Skyhigh Security uses data collected when running Secure Web Gateway for analyzing web-related threats to improve the security functions of the product. The data is also used for improving the performance and other capabilities of the product.

The collected data includes, for example, URLs that Secure Web Gateway categorized when users of your network submitted them for web access or names of malware programs that requested web objects were found to be infected with.

The data is transferred from Secure Web Gateway to Skyhigh Security servers and retrieved from them as feedback.

The feedback functions are enabled in Secure Web Gateway by default. We recommend that you leave them enabled and participate in the collection of data to allow us to analyze it for your own benefit and that of other customers.

If you do not want to participate, refer to the instructions provided in this document for disabling data collection.

Data protection measures

An encrypted channel is used to transfer collected data from Secure Web Gateway to the Skyhigh Security servers.

Our personnel and that of our authorized partners are instructed to keep all data in a protected environment and to use it only for product improvement purposes.

Data collected

Data is collected and sent to the Skyhigh Security servers when the following functions are performed within Secure Web Gateway.

  • Updates
  • URL categorization and rating
  • File rating
  • Malware scanning
  • Dynamic content classification
  • Policy configuration (beginning with version 7.5.1 of Secure Web Gateway)

Different types of data are collected depending on the function. You can disable data collection for each function.

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