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Skyhigh Security

Connect to a Secure Web Gateway Instance within AWS

Connect to an instance of Web Gateway within AWS using an AWS web console.

  1. On the AWS Web Console, navigate to the Services menu in the upper right corner, then select EC2.
  2. Select Instances and right-click the name of the Web Gateway instance.
  3. Select Connect and execute the commands for connecting to the instance described in the window that opens.
    When performing the SSH authentication command, be sure not to use root, as it reads in the description, but the ec2-user as user name, for example:

    ssh -i <key pair file name>
  4. Next to the command line prompt that appears after you have successfully authenticated, type ec2-user and submit.
    A password is shown, which is the one that is required for logging on to the user interface of Web Gateway.

Connect to the Web Gateway Web INterface and management console for the first time after deploying into AWS:

  1. Either grab the password for the "admin" user account using th steps described above to retrieve it via SSH, or build the initial admin password from the instance ID of the deployed machine.
    The initial admin password is in the form of #<INSTANCE_ID>Skyhigh. So if the instance ID of your deployed EC2 is i-0fdf56575f8f6a818 then, the appropriate, initial admin password is #i-0fdf56575f8f6a818Skyhigh and you can login with the username "admin" and the password "#i-0fdf56575f8f6a818Skyhigh" in the next step
  2. Log on to the user interface of Web Gateway.
    1. In a web browser, enter the appropriate URL.
      This URL must include the Amazon public DNS name of the Web Gateway instance, for example:
    2. When prompted for your credentials, submit admin as the user name and the password, or the initial password as shown or retrieved as mentioned above.

After logging on to the user interface successfully, you can work with the web security features that are provided by Web Gateway. Please change the initial admin password directly after logging in to ensure security.

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