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Skyhigh Security

Set up a Virtual Appliance

Download the software for a virtual appliance

You can download different versions of the appliance software in ISO format.

  1. Use a browser to go to the Content & Cloud Security Portal at
  2. Submit your user name and password.
  3. Beginning on the home page of the portal, select Software | Web Gateway 7 | Download.
    A page with software versions in ISO and USB format appears.
  4. Click the ISO icon for the exact software version you want to download.
    A download window opens.
  5. Select the option for storing a file and click OK.
    The software is downloaded and stored within your file system.
  6. Copy the downloaded software to a CD/DVD to have it available for installation.

Install the downloaded software on a virtual appliance

To install the downloaded software on a virtual appliance, insert the CD/DVD with the software in a suitable

host system, create a virtual machine on this system, and start the virtual machine.

  1. Connect a keyboard and monitor to a suitable host system.
  2. Insert the CD/DVD with the appliance software.
  3. Using your VMware, create a virtual machine on the host system.
  4. Start the new virtual machine.

The appliance software is installed on the virtual machine. When this installation is completed, the configuration wizard appears on the monitor of the host system.

You can now work with the configuration wizard to implement the initial configuration settings.

If your VMware type is ESXi and you are running a Vsphere client, you can use one of the following methods to make the appliance software available on the host system:

  • Insert a CD/DVD with the appliance software into the host system (as was already described)
  • Store the appliance software on a local disk or the data store of the host system
  • Store the appliance software on a USB drive and insert it into the host system
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