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Upgrade the Software Manually

If the automatic software upgrade fails, you can manually upgrade the software.

Before you begin: If the mcc_help version earlier than 2.0.4 installed on your system, uninstall the mcc_help extension before you upgrade.


  1. Uninstall Content Security Reporter.
  2. To reinstall Content Security Reporter, run the executable file you downloaded.
  3. Verify that the following services are running.
    • Content Security Reporter
    • CSRDefaultDB
  4. Restore CSR configuration

  5. If you are using an internal database, restore the MySQL internal database data.

    1. Go to the [INTALLDIR]\reporter\mariadb\bin directory.
    2. Execute the following commands:

      mysql -P 9129 -u dba --password=dba

      drop database reporting;

      create database reporting;


      mysql -P 9129 -u dba --password=dba reporting < mysqldata.sql

    The size of the internal database determines how long the upgrade takes to complete.

    Internal database upgrade time estimates

    Internal database size Approximate time in hours
    10 GB 0.5
    20 GB 1
    30 GB 1.5
    40 GB 2
    50 GB More than 3

    If you have more than 50 GB of data, use a supported external database. 
  6. Log on to Trellix ePO as an administrator, select Report Server Settings > Database, then click Update Schema.

    The amount of time it takes for the schema to update depends on the size of your database. For example, a database with 50 GB of data takes about 5 hours to update.

  7. Restore the Content Security Reporter data and settings.

    NOTE: After creating permission sets, if the Content Security Reporter is removed and reinstalled, you must enable those permissions again. To do this, you must edit and save each permission set.

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