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Skyhigh Security

Loading CSR dashboard takes a long time

Found Version

Skyhigh Content Security Reporter 2.1.0 (and later) with Microsoft SQL Server as an  external database.


You load an ePO™ dashboard for CSR with reports or graphs on it.

You observe it takes an exceptionally long time for queries to run, which causes CSR log parsing to back up.

The server.log contains many instances of the following message:

Waiting for summary persister to become available.

How to Fix

You can analyze the query/reports using the Execution planner tool, provided with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. You can also create any non-clustered indexes if needed to speed up the query execution.

  1. Open a new query window and enter the query that you want to analyze.
  2. Select Query > Display Estimated Execution Plan. The results window recommends any indexes that are needed for better performance of the given query.



  1. Right-click the Missing Index text and select Missing Index Detail. A new window opens with the query that you want to add the missing index to.
  2. Uncomment the query and replace the placeholder index name with any other name as follows:


  1. Run the query. Running the query creates an index on the table with the included columns.

Note: The query might take a long time to complete.

These newly added indexes are persistent and are reindexed when you run database maintenance tasks through CSR.

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