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Skyhigh Security

Log Sources Tab

Manage the log files in Content Security Reporter from a list of available log sources.

Option Definition
Actions Actions to perform from this page include:
  • Delete — Removes the log source.

  • Disable — Prevents Content Security Reporter from accepting incoming log data until you choose to re-enable it.
  • Duplicate — Creates a log source based on the settings of a selected log source.

  • Edit — Modifies the log source settings.

  • Enable — Allows Content Security Reporter to accept incoming data from a selected log source.

  • Import Log — Manually imports log files from a local directory on the client computer.

  • New — Creates a log source.

  • Process Now — Pulls data to Content Security Reporter from a selected log source.

Note: This option works with Collect log files from log source modes.

Tip: Drag items from the Actions menu on to the Content Security Reporter toolbar.

Format Determines the ability of your web filtering device to send log files.
Log source name The name associated with the log source.
Next scheduled Job Next scheduled time to pull log files from the directory.
Schedule A preset time for when log files are pulled from the directory.
Show filter / Hide filter Displays the Quick find feature, which provides the ability to search for specific text in the Table name column.
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