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Configure a Web Policy

A web policy consists of web security rules that are processed to filter web traffic that is redirected to Secure Web Gateway. A default policy is implemented after the initial setup. How you configure this policy later on, depends on what your requirements are regarding web security. 

The following are suitable high-level steps for configuring a web policy.

  1. Review the current web policy. After the initial setup, this is the default web policy. Later on, this policy includes the changes that you have incorporated.

    a. Select Policy | Rule Sets.

        The rule set tree appears on the left. It shows the rule sets of your current web policy. To view embedded rule sets, expand the rule sets that
        embed them. Some rule sets are not enabled by default.

         When a user's request for web access or a response from the web is filtered, these rule sets are processed one after another, beginning at the top,
         until a rule within one of them applies in a way that finishes the process. For example, the filtering process is finished when a rule blocks a request.

         If a rule set is configured for processing only in a particular filtering cycle, for example, in the response cycle, it is skipped in the other cycles.

    b. Select a rule set that you want to inspect, for example, the Gateway Anti-Malware rule set.

         The options for configuring this rule set appear on the right. You can work with them to find out more about the current web policy.
          For example, after selecting the Gateway Anti-Malware rule set, click Edit next to URL Host Whitelist, to view a list with wildcards for bypassing
          anti-malware filtering based on URLs.

    c.  Click Unlock View in the top right corner to inspect individual rules in a rule set.

          The initial rule set view is replaced after clicking this button with a view that shows the individual rules.

          Note: After clicking this button, you cannot return to the initial rule set view immediately, but need to start a new session to view it. 

  2. Modify the current web policy.

    Using the options that are provided under Policy | Rule Sets, you can modify the settings of each rule set. You can change the positions of rule sets on the rule set tree, enable or disable them, delete them, and also create new rule sets.

    Working with the view for individual rules allows you to enable or disable rules, modify, move, or delete them, and also to create new rules.

  3. Save your changes.

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