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Skyhigh Security

Supported HSM Cards

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is made available on a PCI card that is known as HSM card. To use the functions of this module on a Web Gateway appliance, you must purchase an HSM card from an appropriate vendor and install it.

An HSM solution can be implemented on these Web Gateway appliance hardware models:

  • WBG-5000-D
  • WBG-5500-D
  • WBG-5000-E
  • WBG-5500-E

Skyhigh Security only supports the HSM cards in this guide. Installing supported HSM cards does not void the hardware warranty.

The following cards can be installed.

Vendor Type Height
Entrust nShield 500e F3 Full
Entrust nShield Solo 6000+ Full
Entrust nShield Solo XC Base F3 Full

For more information on working with a HSM solution, see the Hardware Security Module chapter of the Web Gateway Product Guide.

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