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Skyhigh Security

Set up a User Account for Common Catalog Lists

To enable the use of Common Catalog lists, you must set up a Trellix ePO user account on Web Gateway to create an instance that is allowed to handle the list transfer.

  1. Select Configuration | ePolicy Orchestrator.
  2. Under ePolicy Orchestrator Settings, configure a user account.
    1. In the ePO user account field, leave the preconfigured value, which is epo.
    2. Next to the Password field, click Change.
      The New Password window opens.
    3. Use the window options to set a new password.
  3. Make sure Enable data collection for ePO is selected.
  4. Click Save Changes.

The user of the Trellix ePO account that you have configured must also appear as an administrator in an administrator account on Web Gateway.

About the listUpdate User

If you are using ePolicy Orchestrator with Web Gateway you will notice a user named listUpdate. This user account is created and used by ePolicy Orchestrator to update lists in ePO, and to include Web Gateway reporting data in ePO dashboards. This user account does not make any changes to data managed by Web Gateway.

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