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Skyhigh Security

Install the Blade System Enclosure

To install the blade system enclosure, unpack it, install components, and connect a monitor and keyboard.

  1. Review and observe the safety information that is provided.
  2. Remove the protective packaging and place the blade system enclosure on a flat surface.

    NOTE: Considering its weight, unpack the enclosure as close as possible to the intended location.
  3. Remove the front and rear components, as well as the rear cage from the enclosure.
  4. Install the power supplies and cooling fans.

    NOTE: Install all power supplies and fans that were shipped with the enclosure to ensure redundancy in case one of these components fails.
  5. Install the Onboard Administrator and the Integrated Lights Out System.
  6. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the enclosure.
  7. Attach power cords to the monitor and the enclosure, but do not yet connect the power supplies.

For more information, refer to the Setup and Installation Guide, the Onboard Administrator User Guide, and the Integrated Lights-Out User Guide that are provided for each enclosure model on the website of the Skyhigh Security partner.

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