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Skyhigh Security

Review the Connection Retry Settings for Next-hop Proxies

Review the connection retry settings for next-hop proxies to troubleshoot connection issues. The connection retry settings can cause additional delay on connections if not appropriately configured.

  1. Navigate to the connection retry settings for next-hop proxies.
    1. Select Policy | Settings.
    2. On the settings tree, expand Next Hop Proxy and click the settings that you want to review.
      The settings appear in the configuration pane.
    3. Under Next Hop Proxy Server, select a list of next-hop proxy servers and click Edit.
      The Edit List (NextHopProxy) window opens.
    4. From the List Content list, select a next-hop proxy and click Edit.
      The Edit NextHopProxy window opens.
  2. Under Next Hop Proxy Definition, configure the following.
    1. Set Number of retries to 3.
    2. Set After final failure wait to 10 (seconds).
      Close all open windows when you are done.
  3. Click Save Changes.
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