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About Lists

Lists are used by web security rules for retrieving information about web objects and users. There are several types of lists, which differ, for example, with regard to who created them or which type of elements they contain. 

Lists appear in different places on the user interface of Secure Web Gateway, for example, in the criteria of rules and rule sets, on the Lists tab, and within settings.

At the initial setup of the appliance, lists are implemented together with the rule set system. You can then review the lists of the implemented system, modify and delete them, and also create your own lists.

Working with lists is done differently depending on the list type.

  • For example, if the type is String, you can add entries by typing strings in a field that is provided for this purpose. If the type is MediaType, however, you need to select an entry from a media type folder, which is part of a system of folders.

  • For string and wildcard expression lists, there is the option to add multiple entries at once by clicking a button and typing text for each entry in a new line. For media type lists, you can select multiple entries or folders at once if you do not want to add them separately.

For an overview with more information about these and other lists, see List Types.

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