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Skyhigh Security

Add a URL Category to a Blocking List

You can add a URL category to a blocking list to block access to all URLs falling into that category.

  1. Select Policy | Rule Sets.
  2. On the rule sets tree, select the rule set that contains rules for URL filtering.
    The rules appear on the settings pane.
  3. Find the rule that uses a category blocking list, for example, Block URLs whose category is in Category BlockList, and click on the list name.

    NOTE: A yellow triangle next to the list means that the list is initially empty and you need to fill the entries.

    The Edit List (Category) window opens.
  4. Expand the group folder with the category you want block, for example, Purchasing, and select the category, for example, Online Shopping.
    To add multiple categories at once, select multiple categories or one or multiple group folders.
  5. Click OK.
    The window closes and the category appears on the blocking list.
  6. Click Save Changes.
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