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About Secure Web Gateway (On Prem)

Secure Web Gateway is a web security product that protects your network against web threats. These threats arise when users who work on-prem within your network access the web, for example, when they browse the web or download a file from there.

Secure Web Gateway is installed as a physical or virtual appliance that serves as a gateway for connecting your network to the web.

Based on the implemented web security rules, Secure Web Gateway filters the traffic that goes out and comes in. Malicious and inappropriate content is blocked, while useful matter is allowed to pass through.

Web threats can also arise when users who work with cloud services access the web. To ensure protection against these threats, a product named Secure Web Gateway (Cloud) is available.

To distinguish it from this cloud product, the on-prem product is also referred to as Secure Web Gateway (On Prem).  

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