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About the Secure Web Gateway Appliance Hardware Models

Several hardware models are available to serve as a platform for installing the appliance software and running Secure Web Gateway as a physical appliance.

Each model has a short name that begins with WBG for Web Gateway and is followed by a number. The model generation is indicated by a letter at the end of the name.

These models are available:

  • WBG-4500-C, WBG-5000-C, WBG-5500-C

     For more information, see Model C Appliances.

  • WBG-4500-D, WBG-5000-D, WBG-5500-D

     For more information, see Model D Appliances.

  • WBG-4500-E, WBG-5000-E and E2, WBG-5500-E and E2

     For more information, see Model E Appliances.

  • WBG-5000-F, WBG-5500-F

     For more information, see Model F Appliances

The model name is also shown on the hardware chassis. The following sections explain how to find this name on the user interface and how to retrieve the serial number of an appliance hardware box.

Model Name on the User Interface

When you are running Secure Web Gateway as a physical appliance on a hardware platform, you can view the model name on the user interface under Configuration > Appliances.

The appliance you are currently working on is displayed in a tree structure with its system settings. When the appliance is connected to others in a cluster, these are also displayed.

Each appliance has an ID, which is also shown, consisting of mwgappl as prefix and a number.

Retrieving the Serial Number

An appliance hardware box has a serial number, which you can retrieve using a command that you run on a system console.

The command is:

dmidecode -s system-serial-number

Here is an example of how this command is run to have a serial number returned.

[root@swgappl ~]#  dmidecode -s system-serial-number
[root@swgappl ~]#
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