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Skyhigh Security

Modify a Rule Set to Change the Listener Port

You can modify the Cookie Authentication (for X509 Authentication) rule set to configure a listener port for incoming requests that you want to use instead of port 444, which is the default port. The modification is done in a nested rule set.

A special listener port must be used for receiving incoming requests if proxy exceptions are in place that prevent requests from arriving at the proxy port of the appliance. Requests that arrive at port 444 or a different port you have configured for this purpose are redirected to the authentication server.

  1. Select Policy | Rule Sets and expand the Cookie Authentication (for X509 Authentication) rule set.
  2. Expand the nested Cookie Authentication at HTTP(S) Proxy rule set and, within this rule set, select the nested Authenticate Clients with Authentication Server rule set.
  3. In the Set client context rule, click the Proxy Certificate event settings.
    The Edit Settings window opens.
  4. In the Authentication Server Specific Parameters section, review the URL in the Authentication server URL field.
    The URL is by default as follows:

    https://$<propertyInstance useMostRecentConfiguration="false" propertyId="com.scur.engine.system.proxy.ip"/>$:444

    When the rule is processed, the $...$ term is replaced by the IP address of the appliance.
  5. To configure a different listener port, type the number of this port here.
  6. Click OK to close the Edit Settings window.
  7. Click Save Changes.
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