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Azure Requirements

When installing Secure Web Gateway on an Azure platform, make sure that your environment meets the system requirements You must also choose a size type for the virtual machine that Secure Web Gateway is to run on and consider the restrictions for running on this platform.

System requirements

This is required to complete the installation:

  • Azure account
  • Windows, Linux, or Mac system with:
    • 2 GB of free disk space (minimum)
    • Most recent version of the Azure command-line interface
    • AzCopy

You can download the Azure commands from

Choose an Azure virtual machine size type

You must choose a size type for the virtual machine that Secure Web Gateway is to run on, according to how you want to use Secure Web Gateway, for example, testing or production.

You should also consider network performance and the number of NICs that you plan to run with Secure Web Gateway.

This table shows some common use cases and Azure size types from which you can choose.

NOTE: Web caching is not included among the features of Web Gateway when run on Azure, which reduces the requirements for available hard-disk space.


Use RAM (in GB) Hard-disk space (in GB) CPU cores Azure instance type
Functional testing (user interface based on Java applet or desktop client) 4 80 4 Standard_B2s
Functional testing (HTML-based user interface) 8 80 4 Standard_B2ms Standard_D2s_v3
Production (minimum) 16 80 4 Standard_B4ms Standard_D4s_v3
Production (recommended) 32 or more 80 or more 4 or more Standard_E4s_v3 Standard_B8ms Standard_D8s_v3



These network modes, which can be configured for Secure Web Gateway in other environments, are not supported on Azure:

  • Proxy HA
  • Transparent Router
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