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Add a 4-port NIC Card to the Web Gateway WBG-5000-E2 and WBG-5500-E2 Appliances

Beginning in Q1 2022, the Web Gateway WBG-5500-E2 and WBG-5000-E2 appliances come equipped with four ports. This marks a change from the previous WBG-5500-E and WBG-5000-E models, which had six ports. One of the supported I/O modules is pre-installed on riser 1, located farthest from the PSU.

If desired, an additional supported 4-port fiber card can be added to increase the port count to eight. The add-on fiber card must be inserted into riser slot 2, which is closest to the PSU.

For a comprehensive list of supported fiber cards, refer to the "Adding a module card" section of the Web Gateway Hardware Guide.

Steps to install the additional 4-port fiber card:

  1. Turn off the appliance and detach the power cables.
  2. Detach the network cables from the NIC ports module.
  3. Remove the tamper-proof label.
  4. Remove the system top cover:
    1. Loosen the two captive thumb screws located on the back of the system cover.
    2. Slide the system top cover back.
    3. Lift the cover upward.
  5. Remove the riser card. Grasp the riser card #2 assembly, closest to the PSU, and carefully pull straight up.
  6. Remove the filler panel from the add-in card slot. See Additional NIC illustration 1 - A in the Related Information section.
  7. Remove the one fastener screw from the riser card. See Additional NIC illustration 1 - B in the Related Information section.
  8. Insert the add-in card in the slot on the riser card until is fully seated. See Additional NIC illustration 2 - C in the Related Information section.
  9. Secure the add-in card to the riser bracket with the fastener screw. See Additional NIC illustration 2 - D in the Related Information section.
  10. Position the riser card edge connector over the riser slot on the server board.
  11. Align the two hooks on the back edge of the riser assembly with the slot on the back of the chassis.
  12. Once aligned, carefully press the riser assembly straight down into the riser slot.

    IMPORTANT: Don’t rock the riser assembly into place; doing so might damage the contact pins within the riser slot.
  13. Install the top cover:
    1. Place the system cover on the chassis.
    2. Slide the cover forward until the front edge of the system cover is pressed up against the back edge of the front drive bay.
    3. Hand tighten the two captive thumb screws at the back of the chassis.
  14. Plug the cables into the 4-ports fiber card.
  15. Test the appliance function.
  16. Install the tamper label.
Related Information

Back panel layout for Web Gateway models ​WBG-5000-E2 and WBG-5500-E2:
Back panel layout for McAfee Web Gateway models ​WBG-5000-E2 and WBG-5500-E2


Label Interface
1 Network interface 1
2 Network interface 2
3 Serial
5 Network interface 3
6 Network interface 4

Additional NIC illustration 1:

Additional NIC Picture 1

Additional NIC illustration 2:
NIC Picture 2 

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