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Skyhigh Security

Restore CSR configuration

  1. Create a folder named backup inside ..\reporter\conf\  path
  2. copy the backup.xml to ..\reporter\conf\backup\ folder
  3. If you are restoring a 2.7 or older version of CSR  backup.xml then, copy the backed up keystore.jks file into ..\reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration\      If you are restoring the 2.8 or above version of CSR backup.xml then, first, rename the backed up csr.keystore as csr.keystore.old and then copy it to  \reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration\ folder
  4. Restart the CSR service
  5. Navigate to Registered Servers > Report Server > Actions > Edit > Details in ePO
  6. Do test settings. If it fails then please refer Reset the CSR passkey.

If it is successful, click on save. Now you can access Report Server Settings page.

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