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Configure the Transparent Router Mode

To configure a Secure Web Gateway appliance in Transparent Bridge mode, complete the high-level steps that are explained in the following.

Usually, you set this mode up for multiple appliances that run as nodes in a cluster with Central Management administration. Then you configure one of the appliances as the director node. This node assigns workload to the other appliances by directing the data packets to them that come in when clients of Secure Web Gateway request access to the web.

The appliances that are assigned workload by the director node are referred to as scanning nodes. They scan data packets to enable the filtering of the web traffic that originates from the clients.

  1. On the user interface of one of the appliances you want to include in the cluster, select Configuration | Appliances.

  2. Configure settings for the director node.

    a. From the appliance tree, select the appliance you want to configure as director node.

    b. Configure network and proxy settings for this node, see Configure Network Settings for a Director Node in Transparent Router Mode and
         Configure Proxy Settings for a Director Node in Transparent Router Mode.

  3. Configure settings for each of the appliances that you want to include as scanning nodes.

    a. From the appliance tree, select an appliance that you want to configure as scanning node.

    b. Configure settings for this node, see Configure a Scanning Node in Transparent Router Mode

    c. Repeat substeps a and b for the other appliances you want to include in the cluster.

  4. Save your changes.

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