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Skyhigh Security

Hardware Administration Tools

To assist you in administering the Secure Web Gateway hardware, tools are provided. They are shortly described in the following.

Remote Management Module

Using the Remote Management Module (RMM) you can administer the hardware functions of an appliance remotely. Utilities for enabling the Remote Management Module without restarting an appliance and for disabling the module are also available.

Beginning with the model E appliances, the default user name when working with the Remote Management Module is mwg.

The interface for connecting to the Remote Management Module and the Baseboard Management Controller is located on the rear panel of the appliance box.

SNMP Subagent

When Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring is configured on an appliance, you can use the SNMP Subagent (SNMPSA) to retrieve hardware-related information, for example, CPU status, status of power supplies, or current sensor values.

SNMP information about the status of hardware components is stored in the Management Information Base (MIB).

To provide the information, the database uses a tree structure of objects, which are related to particular hardware components and other items. Objects are identified and accessed using object IDs (OIDs).

Use of the SNMP Subagent (SNMPSA) is not supported on the WBG-4500 E appliance.

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