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Content Security Reporter Key Features

Content Security Reporter (CSR) features include essential reporting capabilities that allow you to report and analyze data.

  • Trellix ePO integration — CSR extends the Trellix ePO interface functionality to add new reporting capabilities while offering all standard Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator features and functions.
  • Role-based access — When CSR is installed, only users with global administrator permissions can create reports, run reports, and manage the report server. An administrator can grant user access to reports and report server settings by specifying CSR permissions for each Trellix ePO permission set.
  • Log sources — This feature is used for obtaining report data from network devices.
  • Rule sets — Based on the rule sets, CSR looks for a specific string of data during log file processing to replace it with a different string.
  • Databases — You can use the internal database or a supported external database to store your log files, depending on your organization's data needs.
  • Performance options — The performance optimization options ensure that CSR runs efficiently.
  • Dashboards — Dashboards provide visibility into the network usage of your organization.
  • Analytics — You can enable analytics on dashboards for additional filter and workflow options.
  • Queries — The default queries installed with CSR can be run as is, or duplicated and customized to create other useful dashboards and reports.

NOTE: CSR queries can be added to other Trellix ePOdashboards and reports, not just those installed by CSR.

  • Reports — The default reports installed with CSR can be used as is, or duplicated and customized to fit your organization's needs.
  • Maintenance — Regular maintenance options promote optimal report server and database performance.
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