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Skyhigh Security

System Files

System files contain settings for functions of the appliance system. You can edit these settings using the File Editor.

The settings that are stored in system files include settings of parameters the appliance system uses for network communication, for example, IP addresses, the maximum message size, or the maximum number of messages in a queue.

Other settings are used to configure functions of the appliance system such as logging, access restrictions, and others.

An example for a system file is the /etc/hosts file, which contains entries for IP addresses and host names, including the local IP address and host name of the appliance itself.

The File Editor allows you to edit the settings in these files. It is accessible on a tab of the user interface.

NOTE: To edit system files, only use the File Editor. If you open these files outside the File Editor to edit them manually, your changes will be overwritten when an upgrade to a new version of Web Gateway is performed.

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