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Skyhigh Security

Manual Maintenance Page

Select and start database maintenance jobs.

Option Definition

Manual database maintenance by date range

Specifies the type of data to remove from the database within a specified date range.

Manual database maintenance by log source

Deletes all database records for a selected log source.

Custom and user-defined columns

Repopulates specified custom and user-defined columns. If you choose to repopulate user-defined columns, you can select the specific log source whose report columns you want to repopulate, and set date parameters to speed up the process.

NOTE: Only log sources with user-defined columns are available to select.

Index maintenance

Rebuilds the indexes to improve record insertion and report performance without running other maintenance tasks.

Database Statistics

Runs statistics for updated database information without running other maintenance tasks.


Repopulate Columns Dialog
Option Definition

Custom columns

Specifies which custom columns to repopulate.
User-defined columns Repopulates user-defined columns using current rules.


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