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Decrypt cloud storage data manually

When you cannot use Web Gateway to decrypt cloud storage data, you can perform the decryption manually by running a suitable command if you know the algorithm and password that were used for the encryption.


  1. Download the data in encrypted format from the cloud storage service that stored the data to your system.
  2. Run the following command to decrypt the data:
    openssl enc -<cipher> -d -in <encrypted file> -out <decrypted file> -k <password> -md sha256

    The variable parameters have the following meanings:
    <cipher>  Algorithm used to encrypt the data
    <encrypted file> Path and file name for the file that contains the encrypted data
    <decrypted file> Path and file name for the file the decrypted data should be written to
    <password> Password used when the data was encrypted
    The data is decrypted and written to the specified file.
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