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Common Slack Message Issues

Slack Connection Issues 

Issue: Slack does not load or send messages until we refresh the slack application or page.

Workaround: Import the Web Sockets Ruleset

To import the rule set, do the following:

  1. Log on to SWG.
  2. Select PolicyRule SetsCommon Rules.
  3. Click Add and select Rule Set from Library.
  4. In the Overview section, expand Common Rules.
  5. Select WebSocket Handling and click OK.
  6. Place this rule set into your Common Rules set.


Restrict the Policy to allow Slack messages
  1. Edit the Criteria for the top WebSocket handling rule.
  2. Select the criteria as URL.Host  matches in the list
  3. Create a URL.Host list named as Slack Connections with the following URLs:

We recommend that you do not allow WebSockets in general. Allow only the destinations that you really want to use WebSockets.Be cautious when you allow a WebSockets connection through SWG. You don't want to open a security hole inside your setup.

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