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Best practices when upgrading Skyhigh Web Gateway appliances that are in Central Management


If you have more than one appliance and use Central Management, we recommend that you remove all appliances from the Central Management cluster before you upgrade. You must remove each appliance separately and then update each appliance individually. After you've successfully updated all your appliances, add them back to the Central Management cluster.

NOTE: All appliances in a Central Management cluster need to have the same SWG software version.

Although it's not a technical requirement to break the cluster before an upgrade, it's a best practice.

Best practice upgrade process:

  1. Log on to the primary node interface. 
  2. Create and save your backup file by clicking Troubleshooting, <appliance name>, Backup/Restore.

NOTE: Because all nodes in Central Management have a copy of each others' configuration, you have to create only one backup.

  1. Remove an appliance node from Central Management:
    1. Click the Configuration tab. You see all nodes in Central Management in the tree on the left.
    2. Highlight the node you want to remove from Central Management and click Delete.
  2. Log on to the standalone node that you deleted from Central Management in step 3.
  3. Continue with the software upgrade:
    1. Click the Configuration tab.
    2. Highlight the node host name.
    3. Click Update appliance software.
  4. Repeat steps 3–5 for the remaining nodes.
  5. After you've upgraded all nodes, rejoin nodes to Central Management from the primary node:
    1. Log on to the primary node interface.
    2. Select Configuration, Appliances.
    3. On the appliances toolbar, click Add/Join.
    4. Type the Host name or the IP address of the appliance that you want to add.
    5. From the Network group, select a network group for the new appliance.
    6. Click Add appliance.
    7. Click OK.










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