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Configuring Network Interfaces

When you are configuring network interfaces on a Secure Web Gateway appliance, we recommend that you set up at least two and dedicate them to different purposes to ensure more resilience and higher throughput in every field of activities.

As a minimum, we recommend that you configure the following:

  • Proxy network interface for proxy traffic

  • Management network interface for all management-related traffic, such as user interface traffic, cluster communication traffic, or logging traffic

For more complex networks, we recommend configuring more network interfaces for different purposes. You might, for example, configure one interface for each of these fields of activities:

  •  Inbound proxy traffic

  • Outbound proxy traffic

  • Access to the user interface

In a cluster of Secure Web Gateway appliances, you might also run one appliance as a dedicated UI appliance to prevent increased user-interface access from impacting web traffic filtering. You might then configure network interfaces for:

  • Cluster communication

  • Pulling and pushing log files

To improve performance even further, you can also configure network bonding, which means that two or more network interfaces are combined to run as a single interface.

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