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Install a Secure Web Gateway Instance within AWS

To install an instance of Web Gateway within AWS, launch an image for this instance, then configure a type and security group for it.

  1. On the AWS Web Console, navigate to the Services menu in the upper left corner, then select EC2.
  2. Launch a Web Gateway image.
    1. Select Images, then click AMIs.
    2. In the search field that appears, type and submit mwg.
    3. Select a Web Gateway image file and click Launch.
  3. Select and configure an instance type for Web Gateway.
    1. Select an instance type based on your considerations regarding the use of the instance.
    2. Click Next: Configure Instance Details and in the Network list that appears make sure that the default VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is selected.
      The instance is set up in a Virtual Private Cloud. Every AWS account created after December 4, 2013, has a default VPC ready to use within each AWS region.
    3. Click Next: Add Storage and increase the size of the hard disk drive to at least 80 GB.
    4. (Optional) Click Next: Add Tags and add a key-value pair to tag the instance.
      This step is not required, but enables you to categorize instances, for example, by owner or purpose.
  4. Configure a security group for Web Gateway.
    1. Click Next: Configure Security Group.
    2. Change the default name of the security group, for example, to MWG-security-group.
    3. Configure rules for the security group, such as these sample rules.
Type Protocol Port Source Use
SSH rule TCP 22 my IP SSH access
Customized TCP rule TCP 9090 my IP Proxy port
Customized TCP rule TCP 4712 my IP Admin user interface HTTPS

These rules ensure that the configured ports on Web Gatewaycannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself.

For testing and production, change access to the ports according to your considerations. For a complete list of ports used by Web Gateway, see Open Ports Needed for Web Gateway.

  1. Launch the Web Gateway instance.
    1. Click Review and Launch.
    2. Review what you have configured and make changes if necessary, then click Launch.
      NOTE: When reviewing the configuration, make sure that the AMI ID of your instance and the AWS account number are also correct.
    3. Select the SSH key pair that you created, then click Launch Instances.
      The instance begins to launch.
    4. Click View Instances to monitor the launch status.
      When the status in the Status Checks column changes to 2/2 checks passed, the instance is ready to use.

You can now connect to the instance and log on to its interface.

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