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Skyhigh Security

Fortanix DSM Website

The Fortanix DSM website will be used to manage the administrative access of Fortanix DSM and perform operations such as API Key Creation, Key Creation/Modification/Deletion, Settings & Configurations.

Note: This section is general guidance for the creation of keys in Fortanix DSM. For actual steps always refer to the official documentation/ user guide from Fortanix.

  1. login to the Fortanix DSM. 


  1. Go to Apps section to create or delete API Key. 


  1. Security Objects (Keys) can be created from the security objects.


  1. Settings can be managed from the Settings tab 


  1. Client Configuration can be accessed from Settings > Client Configuration


The logging option can be enabled and the below path is mandatory to be set, if logging is enabled: /opt/mwg/log/debug/fortanix/fortanix.log






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