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Upgrading Secure Web Gateway with the mwg-update tool

You can upgrade to a new version of Web Gateway using an upgrade tool.

This tool is called the mwg-update tool. How it can be used depends on the product version and whether you upgrade online or offline.

Online and offline upgrades

When upgrading online, the appliance software resides in an already existing repository that you enable to access the software and use it for the upgrade.

For an offline update, the mwg-update tool creates a temporary repository on the local disk. The tool then uses the packages that are provided in the ISO file and performs the upgrade based on the local repository. After the upgrade, the tool removes the repository from the local disk.

Version restrictions

A new version of the MLOS operating system was introduced with version 7.8.2. Versions earlier than 7.8.2 use MLOS 2, while later versions use MLOS 3. For this reason, there are the following restrictions when using the tool:

  • You cannot upgrade offline from a version earlier than 7.8.2 to a version later than this.
  • When upgrading online, you can upgrade from a version earlier than 7.8.2 to a version later than this.

But you cannot upgrade directly. You must first upgrade to 7.8.2 and from there, in a second step, to the later version.


You can use the tool to upgrade directly, offline or online:

  • From 7.8.0 to 7.8.1 (both versions are earlier than 7.8.2)
  • From 8.1 to 8.2 (both versions are later than 7.8.2)

You can also upgrade online directly:

  • From 7.8.1 to 7.8.2 (from any earlier version to 7.8.2 itself)

But, for example, from 7.8.1 to 8.2, you cannot upgrade offline. To upgrade online, you must::

  • First upgrade from 7.8.1 to 7.8.2, then from 7.8.2 to 8.2


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Upgrade Secure Web Gateway offline with the mwg-update tool

Using the mwg-update tool, you can upgrade Web Gateway offline.

  1. Log on to the appliance where you want to perform the upgrade from a local system console or remotely using SSH.

    When upgrading with SSH, consider using a terminal multiplexer to ensure that the update does not fail due to an unstable or broken SSH connection.

    You can use the tmux multiplexer that Web Gateway has installed.
  2. Run a command according to how you want to perform the upgrade.
    • mwg-update -o <file name>

      As file name, type the name of the ISO file with the appliance software, for example, 

      With these parameters, the command allows you to cancel the upgrade before it is performed.
Preparing files ...
Creating repository

Ready to update the current version
mwg- 361.mlos2.mwg.x86_64 using the file

Do you want to proceed? ([y]es/[n]o)
  • mwg-update -y -o <file name>

    Runs without user interaction, which is useful for scripting.
  • mwg-update -d -y -o <file name>

    Runs without user interaction, returning debugging information.
  1. After the upgrade has been successfully completed, restart the appliance manually.

mwg-update command line tool

The mwg-update tool is provided for performing an upgrade to a new version of Web Gateway on the command line of a system console.

The command name is:


The following table lists and explains the command parameters.

Parameter Definition
No parameter The upgrade is performed using a repository, which must have been enabled.

A repository and path name might be, for example:

-h Displays help information about the command parameters.
-d Returns debugging information.
-p <proxy> The upgrade is performed using the specified proxy.
-y Answers all questions asked during the upgrade process with yes. This parameter is useful when running a script to perform the upgrade.
-o <file name>

The upgrade is performed offline using the specified ISO file.




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