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Skyhigh Security

User-Defined Columns (New, Edit, and Duplicate Log Source Page)

Configure the settings for up to four user-defined columns.

Option Definition
Settings for user-defined columns Settings used to configure user-defined columns include:
  • Populate this column — Populates the selected column based on the source data options.

    • Log record — Identifies which log record column populates the user-defined column.
    • Log file header — Specifies which miscellaneous log file header from a log file populates the user-defined column.

Note: When entering a value in the Log file header field, do not use quotation marks.

  • Apply this rule set — Applies the selected rule to the identified column when processing log files.

User-defined columns Provides a way to obtain data from log file columns normally skipped or to assign a custom value to data obtained from any log file column.
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