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Reset the CSR Passkey

It is not possible to recover the current Content Security Reporter (CSR) server password, also known as CSR Passkey, as it is encrypted. If you want to reset this password, complete the following steps.

  1. Replace the encrypted password.

    • Create a folder named backup inside ...\reporter\conf\.

    • Navigate to ...\reporter\conf\backupauto.

    • Copy the backup.xml file from here into the backup folder created in substep a.

    • Use any text editor to open the backup.xml file and search for the string encryptedPassword. The encrypted password follows this string. It looks, for example, like this:


    • Replace the encrypted password, depending on the CSR version you are using. To identify this version, search the backup.xml file for the software release value. The line with this value looks, for example, like this:

      build-number="160" software-release="2.8.0"

      Replace the encrypted password with one of the following:

      • For version 2.6 or earlier: W6ph5Mm5Pz8GgiULbPgzG37mj9g=

      • For version 2.7: D7aCwTdgpWY1hWEi1daNIxf4f91OA0eUAB/H0YgRdXc=

      • For version 2.8: 2QXRvYf7jRo9S+cvnLahWnmUcDeUkbErAfi/tEkl870=

      • For version 2.9: WCXJxct3UUL2IRE6Uew9+giYXSdXrNttKDLr2vSoU0s=

        After replacing the encrypted password, the line with this password should look, for example, like this:

        <column name="encryptedPassword">WCXJxct3UUL2IRE6Uew9+giYXSdXrNttKDLr2vSoU0s=</column>

    • Save the backup.xml file and close it.

  2. Copy the csr.keystore.old file into ...\reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration\, depending on the CSR version you are using.

    You can download the csr.keystore.old files for all versions here

    Before copying the file into the folder, remove the version and build number prefix from the file name. For example, remove 280.160_ from 280.160_csr.keystore.old, then copy the csr.keystore.old file into ...\reporter\jboss\standalone\configuration\.

    For version 2.6 and earlier, copy keystore.jks into the folder.

  3. Reset the password.

    • Restart the CSR.

    • In ePO, navigate to Registered Servers > Report Server > Actions > Edit > Details.

    • In the Passkey field, enter password.

    • Click Test connection. If it is successful, click Save.

      You can now access the Report Server Settings page.

    • Go to Registered Servers > Report Server > Actions > Edit > Details again.

    • Submit password as the current password.

    • In the Passkey field, enter your new password and confirm.

    • To complete the password reset, click OK.

You have now reset the password for the CSR server, also known as CSR passkey.

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