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Access Secure Web Gateway in a Nutanix Environment

After you have installed Secure Web Gateway in a Nutanix environment, you can access it on the virtual machine you have created as a platform for running it. For this access, you will be using the console that is provided.

  1. Log on to the Nutanix virtual user interface that allows you to access Secure Web Gateway. The name of this user interface is Prism Central UI.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard Menu > Compute & Storage > VMs. From the virtual machines that are shown there, locate the one you created as a platform for running Secure Web Gateway, for example, SWG-Test

    You can also search for it using the filtering options that are provided.
  3. Click the virtual machine name.

  4. In the window that opens, click Launch Console.

  5. Log on to the console and from there to the user interface for Secure Web Gateway. Submit usernames and passwords as follows.

    • Console

      • Username: root

      • Password: changeme

    • User interface

      • Username: admin

      • Password: webgateway

You can now work with Secure Web Gateway to ensure web security for your network.

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