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Skyhigh Security

Set up Secure Web Gateway on Azure with a Script

Skyhigh Security provides a script, which you can use to install Web Gateway  as a virtual machine on an Azure platform. Alternatively, you can set up Web Gateway using the Azure command-line interface (CLI).

To set up Web Gateway  using the script, complete this task.

  1. Download the Web Gateway software and the script.
    1. Open a browser and go to the Skyhigh Security Content & Cloud Security Portal at
    2. Download the VHD file with the Web Gateway software to a directory on your system.
    3. Download the script to the same directory.
  2. On your system, run this command to make the script executable:

    chmod +x
  3. Execute the script:


    While the script is executed, several options are presented. Follow the instructions and select suitable options until the script finishes.

Web Gateway is now installed as a virtual machine on an Azure platform. Continue with looking up and configuring access parameters for Web Gateway.

For more information, see the community pages that are provided for Web Gateway on Azure beta.


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