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Use the Raptor Syntax for FTP Logon

When Web Gateway is configured to run as an FTP proxy, the Raptor syntax can be used for logging on to an FTP server with Web Gateway as a proxy.

To perform this logon, the user who wants to access the FTP server can run the USER, PASS, and ACCEPT commands from a suitable FTP client. Using these commands, the FTP server is specified together with user names and passwords for both the FTP server and the Web Gateway proxy.

The command syntax is as follows:

USER <ftpuser>@<ftpserver> <proxyuser>

PASS <ftpuserpass>

ACCT <proxyuserpass>

The following table describes the meanings of the command parameters.

Option Definition
ftpserver FTP server that access is requested to
ftpuser User name on the FTP server<
ftpuserpass Password for the FTP server
proxyuser User name on the Web Gateway proxy
proxyuserpass Password for the Web Gateway proxy


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