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Set up a Windows 2016 Server on Azure

To prepare Azure for accommodating Web Gateway, begin with setting up a Windows 2016 Server there. The server runs as a virtual machine that hosts another virtual machine, which Web Gateway uses as its platform.

When setting up this server, follow the usual procedure and configure suitable settings for running Web Gateway.

  1. Log on to the Azure Portal.
  2. In the marketplace on this portal, set up a Windows 2016 Server as a virtual machine.
    Use these options to set up the server:
    • Virtual machine environment: Windows 2016 Server Datacenter
    • Deployment model: Resource Manager
  3. Configure settings for a virtual machine:
    1. Configure basic settings (the values shown here are examples):
      • Virtual machine name: Windows2K16forMWG
      • User name: mwguser
      • Password
      • Resource group: Windows2K16forMWG
      • Virtual machine location: South India
    2. Select a configuration model that supports nested virtualization for a virtual machine. This can be Dv3, Ev3, or a later model.
    3. Configure optional features as needed.
      For example, select public inbound ports, preferably, SSH and RDP.
  4. Set up the virtual machine with the configured settings.
  5. After setting it up, identify the virtual machine on the list of resources within the portal and note down its public IP address.

You have now set up a Windows 2016 Server as a virtual machine on Azure. Continue with configuring a Hyper-V role for this server.

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