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Media Type Filtering Process

The media type filtering process includes several elements that contribute to it in different ways.

  • Filtering rules — Control the process. There are usually the following types of rules.
    • Blocking rules — Block access to media types.
      The rule applies if a user requests access to media of a type that is on a blocking list.
    • Allowlisting rules — Exclude web objects from further media type filtering to ensure they can be accessed by the users in your network.
      Allowlisting rules are placed before the blocking rule in a media type filtering rule set. If an allowlisting rule applies, processing of the following media type filtering rules is stopped to ensure that the blocking rule is not executed.

A media type filtering rule can use a list of media types in its criteria. It can also use a suitable property there, such as MediaType.IsAudio or MediaType.IsVideo

  • Blocklists — List web objects that access is blocked for.
    There can be a blocking list for media that should not be uploaded from within your network to the web, as well as one for media that should not be downloaded from the web to your network.
  • Allowlists — List web objects that are excluded from further media type filtering.
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