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Install the Platform Confidence Test Tool

Install the Platform Confidence Test (PCT) tool to retrieve information about hardware errors.

Each appliance model has its own , there is a particular version of the tool.

NOTE: The Platform Confidence Test tool is no longer maintained. You can still use the tool, but issues are no longer supported.

We recommend using the Linux Diagnostic Tools (LDT) instead. These tools also collect hardware data and store it in log files. For more information, see Using the LDT Hardware tools to gather Appliance Troubleshooting Logs .

  1. Download the tool version for your appliance from the Skyhigh Content & Cloud Security Portal.
    Tool versions are available in zipped format.
  2. Extract the content of a downloaded .zip file into the root directory of a USB drive that is formatted in Microsoft DOS mode.
  3. Attach the USB drive to the appliance.
  4. Restart the appliance.
  5. When prompted, press F2 to enter the setup menu.
  6. Select Server Management | Console Redirection and make sure Console Redirection is disabled.
  7. Select Boot Manager and click EFI Shell.
    The appliance is restarted in EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) shell mode.

The EFI shell mode runs the startup.nsh procedure from the USB drive and displays a diagnostics menu.

You can finish the diagnostic cycle by pressing F10.

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