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Configure Access Parameters for Secure Web Gateway on Azure

To enable access to Web Gateway on the virtual machine that you have set up on Azure, look up the public IP address of the virtual machine and configure ports and credentials.

You can look up and configure these parameters at the Azure portal.

  1. Go to the Azure portal.
  2. On the Azure resource list, identify the virtual machine that you set up for Web Gateway and note down its public IP address.
  3. Under Settings | Networking, create inbound port rules for these ports on Web Gateway:
Protocol Port Use
TCP 4712 Admin user HTTPS interface
TCP 9090 Port proxy
TCP 22 SSH access

The rules ensure that these ports cannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself. For testing and production, change access to these ports as needed.

For a list of ports used on Web Gateway, see Open Ports Needed for Web Gateway.

  1. Generate credentials with a password or an SSH public key for the virtual machine, depending on how you want to access it.
    1. Under Support + Troubleshooting, select Reset password, then select Reset password or Reset SSH public key.
    2. In the input fields, type:
      • User name: azure-user
      • Password: <password> or SSH public key: <key name>
  2. Click Update.
  3. When the update is complete, open an SSH terminal, using the public IP address of the virtual machine.
    Then submit the configured user name and password or SSH public key.

    The terminal returns logon information for Web Gateway, for example:
login as: azure-user
azure-user@...'s password:
Last login: Mon Jan 21 15:41:11 2019 from ...
-- Welcome to McAfee Web Gateway --

User interface can be accessed at
    public: https:// ...:4712
    local : https://10.0.0.:4712

Initial UI login is 'admin' with password: #888ec465-e92b-4ae4-a9a2-65125447403cMcAfee

-- To remove this message run: rm /home/azure-user/.ssh/banner --
[azure-user@mwgappl ~]$

You can now log on to the Web Gateway interface using this link:

https://<public IP address of the virtual machine>:4712

When prompted, submit the logon name and password that the SSH terminal returned.

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