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About Anti-malware Filtering

Anti-malware filtering ensures that the users of your network cannot access web objects that are infected by viruses and other malware. The filtering process detects infections and blocks access accordingly.

A default process for anti-malware filtering is implemented on Secure Web Gateway after the initial setup. For an overview of this process, see Anti-malware Filtering Process. For a use case, see Blocking the Download of a Virus-infected File.

The process requires no administration, but you can configure it to meet the requirements of your organization, see Configure Anti-malware Filtering. You can also extend the process or create your own process, see Extending the Anti-malware Filtering Process and Policy Configuration.

Important configuration items used in this process include:

  • Anti-Malware settings — Settings for the Anti-Malware module, also referred to as engine or filter, which handles the use of engines for scanning web objects within the anti-malware filtering process.

               The default instance of the settings for this module are the Gateway Anti-Malware settings.

  • Gateway Anti-Malware rule set Default rule set for anti-malware filtering

To modify or extend the anti-malware filtering process, or to create your own process, you can work with these items.

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